Design at face value is the ability to design beautiful and aesthetically pleasing things. But strip this down, design is a method to solve problem. We utilise our unique skillsets to iterate and empathise creating solutions that target the core of the problem. Design must take on a humanistic approach to maintain consideration for the differences between each community/person. 
Driven by curiosity to people, place, and community, I will utilise creative problem solving to create design solution that places people at the forefront. With my background imbued in diversity and culture, I aim to be a designer that can employ my skills towards catering and giving a platform for those under represented. Coming from a third world country such as Cambodia and now residing in Australia, I have experienced two polar opposite worlds that has transformed the lens in which I see the world. It is very easy to create assumptions about a person life, without fully grasping the depth of their situation and story. This understanding lead me to prioritise empathy and humanity as the foundation for my design ethos that will be carried across all my work.
Throughout my studies, my definition of “experience” has constantly evolved, widening my views on the impact my designs can make. Experiences comes in various forms and isn’t restraint to one medium. From small to large, these experiences hold the ability to transform space, shift perspectives and empower people to achieve their goals. These diverse streams of impact greatly informs my definition of a designer.
I will be an adaptable, empathetic, and attentive experience designer that is able to work across multiple mediums – whether digital, physical, or intangible. Conceptualizing and crafting sustainable designs solution that unearths the core issues and mitigate them effectively and thoughtfully. Through a human-centred approach, my designs will be accessible, intuitive, and considerate to the complexity of everyday life. I will lead my field through authentic and genuine curiosity to understand and solve any issues presented to me, collaborating closely with my clients and others in the industry to produce the best possible outcome.
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