Concept/Themes: Curiosity, Playful, Professional
Equipment: iPhone 11 Pro Max 
Editing: Adobe Lightroom
Props: Light Strips, Oversized Jacket
Curiosity, playfulness, and professionalism were the key words that laid the foundation for the imagery created. I wanted to create an evocative image that juxtaposed between my curious and playful nature all the while still highlighting my ability to be professional and tackle serious problems. 
The direction relied heavily on props such as dinosaur lights and a formal suit to visually communicate the opposing connotation associated with the items. 
The image is shot utilising a medium frame to maintain a level of approachability and sociability. This clearly defines the relationship I want to have with my clients in a professional context. The direct eye contact immediately engages and demands the audience attention. This contact is at eye-level with the audience, effectively communicating an equal relationship.
The image edits were done to subdue the intensity brough out by the dinosaur lights which overpowered the theme of professionalism.
The lighting illuminates one side of my face and creates an instant focaliser within the image. This focal point is also reinforced through the light strip which wraps around my neck, creating natural vector lines that act as a support.
Initially I found myself trying to incorporate to many elements which ended up making the image very crowded and hard to understand. The process leading up to my final map taught me that often less is more. With proper intent and understanding in composition, the effectiveness of an image can greatly be enhanced to create lasting impact and convey a message.

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