#1 Experimental Poster : Whalien 52 -BTS
The 52-hertz whale is the loneliest creature in the world. Singing at a high frequency of 52 Hertz, this particular whale can’t be heard by any of its co-species, leaving them all alone to wander the vast ocean. BTS as music geniuses used this metaphor to share how we are sometimes alienated and ignored—plus all the silent cries it comes with—but there will always be someone who will recognize our voice.
my interpretation: screaming to the world your story yet your words never reaches the other end. as day turns to night your words are swept away by the emptiness that has stayed by your side. it makes you feel mad, anxious and sad, no one to acknowledges your existence. 
design learnings: exploring blending image composition and image manipulation to create evocative posters that captures emotion and communicates a story.
reflection: less is more, next time I would like to strip back the elements within the poster to create stronger focalisers in the imagery I’m producing

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