Experiences and connection to people, place and community continue to be a powerful force which has influenced me as an individual and as a designer. This self-map communicates this by mapping out significant locations where the exchange of intangible object occurred. These intangible objects are lessons, mistakes and memories which has come to define who I am today.
The locations are represented through a longitude and latitude value, all connected to one another. Their connection to one another signifies a butterfly affect, in which every event, action and choice are interconnected and has occurred for a reason. Besides the locations sits composites of the original image that highlight my physical features. Centralised and contained within the bounds of the other location is the complete image with the location of my birthplace. It was the location of my beginning and the first experience I had in life. Everything else could only happen because of my birth, which is why it positioned in the centre. The composite images symbolise a give and take relationship, in which I have given apart of myself to the place, whilst also taking on a new part of myself.
The text which overlays the centre image are variations of my name. This was included as it showcases how me being one person can have various names. With each variation slight changes to my personality in real-life could be observed, as nicknames are an indication of closeness in my mind.
The other texts positioned opposite to each other are representative of the opposite worlds in which I’ve lived. Cambodia is a third-world country, whereas Australia is a first-world country, these differences in environment form my nationality and contributes strongly to my identity.​​​​​​​
Initially I found myself trying to incorporate to many elements which ended up making the image very crowded and hard to understand. The process leading up to my final map taught me that often less is more. With proper intent and understanding in composition, the effectiveness of an image can greatly be enhanced to create lasting impact and convey a message.

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